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Apply for Spirit Xpress Staff!

Please send completed applications/pictures to Spirit Xpress:

  • Via scan: (preferred) to
  • Via mail: to Spirit Xpress, Attn: Instructor Application, 329 Dittfield Pl, Cary, NC 27519

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 919-377-0201.  Thank you for your interest in being a Spirit Xpress Summer Camp Instructor!

Spirit Xpress Summer Staff Quick Facts

Staff Tryouts

3/20/16 at West Forsyth HS Gym.

Staff Training

Spirit Xpress requires all Staff to attend two mandatory dates:

"Pre-Work Week" Meeting is 3/20 at West Forsyth HS. Time is 8am.

"Work Week" Staff Training is done at UNC Chapel Hill. Training will be held on May 28-June 1, 2016, and will consist of safety certification, stunt, pyramid and material review, camp procedures, and contract completion among other things. Attendance is mandatory, with one exception- current high school seniors will NOT be required to miss school for training. 

Where do we teach camps?

Spirit Xpress has conducted camps in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, West Virginia, California and the US Virgin Islands. However, currently our residential camps are held only in North Carolina. You will have a chance to travel to different places and meet lots of great new people!

Do I have to tumble to be on staff?

No. Tumbling has become a big part cheerleading and we recognize that, so you must be familiar with tumbling progressions and spotting. However, we will teach you the specifics of how to teach/spot tumbling. If you can tumble and spot already, GREAT!

How many camps will I teach?

We try to schedule our staff for as many camps as they would like to teach. At the beginning of Spring, we break down the camp season by week. You may request the weeks you would like to work, and take off the ones you choose not to work. This will give you a schedule from which you can plan the rest of your summer. Recruiting is an essential part of all cheerleading camp companies and will help increase the number of camps you teach. The more teams you recruit, the more camps we can guarantee you will work, and the more money you will earn.

Spirit Xpress also has year round events (competitions, clinics, etc.) offering our summer staff additional job opportunities. This provides our summer staff with the opportunity to make money throughout the year.

Staff Uniforms

Spirit Xpress has never charged instructors for their staff outfits! They are comfortable and professional and at NO cost to you! Some items you may be required to turn in at the end of summer.


Spirit Xpress conducts a wide variety of cheerleading camps. Private camps are between one and three days and ranges in pay from $80 - $200 respectively. Overnight camps are three days and the pay rate starts at $230 per camp. Spirit Xpress gives salary raises from year to year for returning Staff. *All salaries listed above are for first year staffers only*

Do I ever teach by myself?

As a first year staffer, you will not have to teach a camp by yourself. Spirit Xpress will always send an experienced instructor to work with and to lead the camp.

Can I have any time off?

Yes. We will work around events that you have previously planned (planned family vacations, etc.). Simply include the desired vacation time in your schedule request form at the beginning of the summer. Work Week is mandatory and there are only exceptions for current high school seniors who have class on the day after Memorial Day.

Do I have to have a car?

As with any job, having a car makes life easier. It is not required that you have a vehicle, but you will be responsible for transportation to and from camps. Spirit Xpress reimburses gas expenses to all private camps.

We hope that you will be a part of our team, The Spirit Xpress Staff!